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go tigers!

Fenton High School/AGS Middle School


go tigers!

Fenton High School/AGS Middle School

go tigers!

Fenton High School/AGS Middle School

Sports Medicine

Athletic Training Services are provided by:

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Athletic Training Room Staff:

Mitch Smelis, AT, ATC
Certified Athletic Trainer – Fenton High School
(810) 591-2629, FHS Athletic Training Room

Mitch Smelis has been the athletic trainer (AT) at Fenton High School since 1997.  Prior to starting at Fenton High School, Mitch graduated from Central Michigan University with his Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Medicine and passed the Board of Certification for Athletic Training in the spring of 1997.  Mitch is licensed as an athletic trainer in the State of Michigan since that became a requirement in 2011.  Mitch presently serves as the co-chairperson of the Michigan Athletic Trainers (MATS) Society Secondary School Committee (  In June 2017, Mitch was recognized by the MATS as it High School Athletic Trainer of the Year!

NovaCare has been the proud provider of athletic training services at Fenton High School since 2012.  We also provide athletic training services at Holly and Linden High Schools.  Our focus is on the prevention, evaluation, management/treatment/rehabilitation, conditioning, and education of athletic injuries.  Our staff works to help manage many of the day to day medical needs of our student-athletes during their athletic participation.  This helps our students and parents to manage many of the bumps, bruises, aches, and pains that occur as a result of athletic participation.  When greater severity injuries occur, our athletic trainers have the training and skills to identify those conditions and provide initial care and referral to the appropriate allied health care provider for further care.  The athletic trainer serves as the front line provider, working with the student, parent, coaches, administrators, and other medical professionals to develop a plan to recover and return to school/participation when it is appropriate.

What happens if my son or daughter gets injured?

Mitch is available at Fenton High School after school, Monday thru Friday (Saturdays when scheduled due to contests).  Although game coverage is a decision mutually agreed upon by the athletic director and athletic trainer, he is available at most home contests/practices and travels with varsity football.  As there may be multiple events occurring on campus at once, coaches can contact Mitch for him to assess injuries that may occur.

If an injury occurs at a time when an AT is not present, Mitch can be reached at the above contact information.

If an injury occurs and you seek medical care for your son/daughter, please follow up with Mitch as soon as possible and obtain a written note from the provider as to the diagnosis, status, and any restrictions/follow up necessary to help manage in their care.  This note should also be turned into Mitch for appropriate documentation.

Should your son or daughter be seen by a physician and is prescribed physical therapy, we will be happy to assist with scheduling that appointment with one of our physical therapists at NovaCare.  Having your physical therapy provided by NovaCare helps complete the continuity of care between the athletic trainer, physical therapist, and the physician.  The link above provides additional information on our clinic location and you can even request an appointment.

Thank you for allowing us to participate in the care of your son/daughter.  If something should occur, we would hope to help you manage part/all of the recovery process to help decrease the stress/strain that can often arise and help answer any questions that you may have!  We look forward to everyone enjoying a safe, healthy, and successful season!