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go tigers!

Fenton High School/AGS Middle School


go tigers!

Fenton High School/AGS Middle School

go tigers!

Fenton High School/AGS Middle School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

2.0 weeks ago @ 5:52AM

Fenton remains perfect in the Stripes Division

Game Date
Jan 18, 2023

Fenton improved to 4-0 in the stripes division and 7-2 overall in the Metro League. The Tigers faced off vs. Linden in the first dual taking 8 of the 14 matches and winning 47-33. Fenton got off to a 36-3 lead with wins from Philip Lamka, Kyle Dunfield, Evan Firby, Carson Krzeszak, Aiden Velzy, and Jamal Horne. Linden closed the gap winning by fall at 120 and 126. Garrett Clark sealed the deal at 132 winning by fall. Dylan Beverly then won 19-2 by technical fall in the final match. Ian Beverly won 10-2 in an exhibition match. 

Fenton then took on Clio winning 12 of the 14 matches leaving the final score at 66-9. Capturing wins were Kyle Dunfield, Evan Firby, Carson Krzeszak, Aiden Velzy, Jamal Horne, Owen Freeman, Keagan Crandall, Ian Beverly, Garrett Clark, Chris Ladd, Dylan Beverly, and Philip Lamka. Chris Dobek won by fall in an exhibition match. 

Fenton competes again on Saturday at home for the annual Fenton Invitational. 

Fenton 47 Linden 33


165: Philip Lamka (FENTON) over Jordan Brennan (LINDEN) (Fall 0:14) 175: Kyle Dunfield (FENTON) over Jack Swix (LINDEN) (Fall 0:39) 190: Jase Grundy (LINDEN) over Ben Triola (FENTON) (Dec 8-3) 215: Evan Firby (FENTON) over Pete Didilus (LINDEN) (Fall 0:27) 285: Carson Krzeszak (FENTON) over Itiel Delgado (LINDEN) (Fall 0:21) 106: Aiden Velzy (FENTON) over (LINDEN) (For.) 113: Jamal Horne (FENTON) over (LINDEN) (For.) 120: Brendan Shingleton (LINDEN) over Owen Freeman (FENTON) (Fall 1:12) 126: Bryce Shingleton (LINDEN) over Keagan Crandall (FENTON) (Fall 1:37) 132: Garrett Clark (FENTON) over Ben Wingblad (LINDEN) (Fall 3:12) 138: Adoniah Delgado (LINDEN) over Christopher Ladd (FENTON) (Fall 0:46) 144: Luke Haney (LINDEN) over (FENTON) (For.) 150: Lucus Carr (LINDEN) over Gabriel Mulanix (FENTON) (Fall 0:51) 157: Dylan Beverly (FENTON) over Brady Makela (LINDEN) (TF 17-2 5:00)

Fenton 66 Clio 9

175: Kyle Dunfield (FENTON) over Chase Grosch (CLIO) (Fall 1:45) 190: Jacob Marrs (CLIO) over Ben Triola (FENTON) (Dec 7-1) 215: Evan Firby (FENTON) over Nolan O`Kelly (CLIO) (Fall 1:48) 285: Carson Krzeszak (FENTON) over Luke Pepper (CLIO) (Fall 2:32) 106: Aiden Velzy (FENTON) over Evan Wilkinson (CLIO) (Fall 1:43) 113: Jamal Horne (FENTON) over Dominique Lehman (CLIO) (Fall 1:25) 120: Owen Freeman (FENTON) over (CLIO) (For.) 126: Keagan Crandall (FENTON) over (CLIO) (For.) 132: Ian Beverly (FENTON) over (CLIO) (For.) 138: Garrett Clark (FENTON) over Alec Stoutenburg (CLIO) (Fall 1:11) 144: Christopher Ladd (FENTON) over Ethan Birchmeier (CLIO) (Dec 3-2) 150: D`Marion Erlenbeck (CLIO) over Gabriel Mulanix (FENTON) (Fall 0:37) 157: Dylan Beverly (FENTON) over Ashton Patrick (CLIO) (SV-1 6-4) 165: Philip Lamka (FENTON) over Bryan O`Kelly (CLIO) (Fall 0:53)


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