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go tigers!

Fenton High School/AGS Middle School


go tigers!

Fenton High School/AGS Middle School

go tigers!

Fenton High School/AGS Middle School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

2 weeks ago

Girls Varsity Lacrosse vs. Midland HS School

Game Date
Jun 1, 2021

The Fenton-Linden Heat were the Underdogs in the Girls’ Lacrosse Region 4 Semifinal Game versus undefeated Midland Cavaliers on Tuesday night. The Cavaliers started fast and scored often, with the game’s first 2 goals, in under one minute. Three more found there way into the Heat’s net before 5 minutes had elapsed but the Heat kept fighting. After 8 minutes, Midland led 7-0 but our ladies kept playing their game. Senior captain, Lara Kemp took that energy and fired the Heat’s first goal, into the back of the cavalier’s net. Midland followed up with a couple, then Kemp added the teams second. Midland again doubled up before freshman, Chloe Justus scored. Midland hit three more and then sophomore, Kaitlyn Mossett scored the last goal of the first half. As the teams regrouped at the half, the Heat were down 4-14 and would be battling a “running” clock in the second.

In mid-May, the same two teams played a regular season game where the Heat were down 6-17 at the half and lost 8-27. How would this team respond to a ten-goal differential in a playoff game? No panic, do the little things, encourage your teammates. As the second half started, Midland controlled the first draw but were denied quick goals by the Heats’ aggressive D and 2 key saves by senior goalkeeper, Allison Brown. Senior, Korryn Smith took a pass from Mossett and Smith scored (5-14). Smith won the next 2 draws and Kemp scored (6-14). The second half had a much different feel then the first and the battle continued. Midland didn’t collapse and they responded with 2 goals and we were back on the running clock. Mossett scored with 10 minutes remaining, no running clock. Midland scored, back to running and Kemp scored to end it. The teams were now scoring goal for goal and each scored 5 goals in the second for the 9-19 final. The Heat players fought to the end, scored five and surrendered five goals in 25 minutes. That is how you respond!

Brown made 15 saves on 34 shots (.441); the team scored 9 on 12 shots (.750) and won 8 of 30 Draws (.267).

Scoring (goal/assist): Lara Kemp 5/0; Kaitlyn Mossett 2/1; Korryn Smith 1/1; Chloe Justus 1/0; Hannah Ludwig 0/1.

The Heat’s season ends with a loss and a record of 11-5. They scored 236 goals and allowed 124 goals, a +112 Goal Differential. In the Flint Metro League, a perfect 8-0, 157 goals scored, 28 goals allowed, +129 Goal Differential, and the League Championship.

The Coaching Staff would like to thank all 33 players in our program for all their hard work at practices and in games.

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